Cermaic Earrings Pros

Cermaic Earrings Pros

Ceramic is a more natural and malleable material. That means a greater range for customizability to fit your specific taste..

Porcelain is also a popular type of ceramic used for earrings



Ceramic earrings also offers a break from the sharp glitz and glamour of metallic earrings. These earrings come in softer pastel colors. These pastel shades combined with their simpler shapes gain their appeal and draw through simplicity. A perfect accessory to help your transition towards Spring! Ceramic is sure to be the best friend of any minimalist.



If you’re looking to show off a softer side, these natural beauties are definitely the way to go. Ceramic earrings soften up any wardrobe with their youthful appeal. The pastel palette and simple shapes are fun and versatile. If you’re looking for a way to effectively brighten up your day-to-day outfits, these small accents go a long way. We especially love these earrings styles!


Add a sense of whimsy to your wardrobe. playful and abstract while also staying chic and classy.


Stunning and unique 

Each piece is the result of an irreproducible combination of the artist's hands, the specific batch of clay, the day's temperature and humidity, and the color effects created by the glaze in the firing process. 

The result is wearable sculptures that outline the uniqueness of the women who wear them. 




Our pieces leave a strong impression, but are lighter than they look. Most of our earrings are made to be comfortably worn during extended periods of time, and for larger models we provide butterfly fastening to ensure they stay in the correct position and the weight is evenly distributed.  


I am searching for inspiration in urban life and nature. Experimenting how geometric forms combines with calm soft colours. I am also inspired by a modern woman. Powerful and independent but at the same time feminine and delicate. That kind of woman you can see in my jewelry – strict as geometric shapes and in the same time feel the romantic gentleness.








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